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Yay! These eldar striking scorpions are finally finished. Another friend of mine bought them off of ebay years ago, and then gave them to me (for free!). The paint job wasn't very good, so this fall I gave them a bath of brake fluid and repainted. The green on the body is Vallejo, but the rest is P3.

I didn't get very creative for the bases. All I did was put some PVC (ie Elmer's) glue on the base and dip them in some play sand. No frills, but it looks OK.

This is a short diorama that I put up on Twitter. This also shows more of the detail close-up. The ground and buildings are actually Infinity terrain that I got for 10$. It was quite a deal as I got some paper buildings, a 2X3 mat, and some paper crates.

Every time I see the picture I feel sorry for that poor marine! It doesn't look like he has any melee weapons. Hopefully it will at least be a glorious death for the Emperor.