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Seen here is an army of goblins from the GW Hobbit Escape from Goblin Town set. The guys on the left are also GW, this time the Fellowship of the Rings. I used some PVC (aka Elmer's) glue on the base and then I dunked them in baking soda.

The goblins are coming! The goblins are coming! I did take some liberty from the goblins in the Hobbit movie. Their skin is grey and I gave them yellow eyes.

The fellowship I painted a long time ago with the Testors, and I don't think I did a terrible job. Now I just have to paint the bases and they will look a lot better! Both the goblins and the fellowship had slotted bases, of which I'm not a fan. I toyed with the idea of cutting the rectangle piece out and then gluing it on the base, and then glue the mini on top. Eventually I took the easier way out and just glued the whole thing together.