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First, I apologize that the pictures are terrible. My cell phone at the time was awful and everything came out really dark. Being creative, we're going to say that the armies fought in the dark. Now that we got that out of the way, on to the batrep!

Way, way back in 2015 Dar and I played the Lord of the Rings miniatures game. It was the first time either of us had played it and it was quite an experience. I was the forces of evil and he was the good guys. We were super pumped -- I remember we would trash-text each other the day before with such quips like "The time of man has come to an end -- now it is the time of the orc!" and "Stinky orcs!"

In this pic you can see our set-up. My army is on the far left, and across the table is Dar.

A pic from Dar's perspective. My army was quite the diverse mix. I had the Goblin King, Lurtz, a couple of Uruk-hai body guards for Lurtz, Goblins from Goblin Town, and The Witch-King of Angnmar. Because, well, why not?

Another shot from Dar's perspective. Dar's forces consisted of hobbit archers, Gondor archers and footmen, plus Boromir and Faramir as characters. His force was more "realistic" than mine, seeing as the various forces in his army would be more likely to ally than mine.

My forces. The "moon" is shining in the upper left corner.

Our forces coming together for an epic brawl in the middle!

My goblins are rushing to his archers. At this point his archers began to slaughter the poor, hapless Goblin Town Goblins.

Buoyed by their success, they adopt the strategy of just sitting there and picking off my forces.

Now it's on! Lurtz, the Goblin King, and the Witch King charge forward kill the archers and footmen.

Another shot of the brawl. The battle began to sway back and forth between my heavy hitters and his more numerous medium hitters.

In this shot you can clearly see my big guys. Not all my minis are official GW. The Witch King and Lurtz are actually from a LOTR hex-based set. I just took them off the hexes and put them on washer bases. They scale is larger than GW, but worked out OK. I know that that the Nazgul picture isn't technically the Witch King, but he still made a good proxy.

You can see here most of the nooby goblins have been killed, leaving the Goblin King and the Witch King.

Dar's archers slaughtering my forces.

Now it's just the Goblin King and Witchy holding their own against the filthy men creatures. Let's hope for the Witch King there aren't any women attacking him.

Another shot of the fight. Dar won this one, mostly because his archers were superb in hitting and killing my goblin cannon fodder. I recall that the battle ended when most of guys fled the table after failing their morale checks.