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This is a Star Trek: Fleet Captains game between Adam and I. I was happy to play this game again; I hadn't played it in over a year. This game is fun but, alas, the opportunities to play are scarce. Most of the time when I get with my friends they want to play a pure miniatures game. Although the alternative is fun, this is unfortunate as Fleet Captains is a fun game in it's own right. For this game, I was the Klingons and Adam chose the Federation. I like the Klingon ships, plus almost all can cloak.

Here is the starting map. We used every tile from the core set, Romulan, and Dominion expansions. One of the great joys of this game is that you can set up the play field in any design you like. I'm in the lower left while Adam is up top.

This is us coming out of our bases and exploring. I have terrible luck with base placement! it seems that every game a wormhole appears right next to me and my opponent can surround me with glee. Or, a black hole appears and sucks my ship into oblivion. The former happened to me this time around. Adam wasted no time exploiting the wormhole as soon as it was discovered.

His Yeager-class ship flew through the wormhole and attacked my D7 Bird of Prey. Fortunately, the Klingon ship only went down to yellow status.

While the Klingons were tasting blood, the Federation were doing Federation-y things like building star bases and scanning nebulas. These actions gathered more victory points. There is little honor is that.

When my turn came around, the Klingons ganged up on the Federation ship and managed to destroy it. It took all three TOS era ships to destroy the movie-TNG era vessel. Unfortunately, that sucked up my turn. I also noticed that post-game that we were fighting in a nebula where all the ships were supposed to act like they were cloaked. Oh well, It's more honorable to fight in the open, I suppose.

While the Klingons were dancing on their bridges over the Yeager's destruction, Adam managed to build a few more starbases and increase his victory points.

The celebration wouldn't last long, though. Adam moved his Galaxy-ship through the wormhole to avenge his fallen comrade. Alas, my damaged TOS era ships were no match for a Galaxy class starship. Sending a Klingon to Stovo'Kor was enough for the Federation to win the game.