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A bird's eye view of the table. For this scenario we decided to do a russian countryside. There a few houses, a pig-pen populated by porcine friends, and a dead russian soldier with secret documents on his body. My mission, as germans, was to get the documents. Dar’s mission was to prevent their capture. The body is located on the right next to the cabin.

A close-up of the body. Conveniently for me, it is located next to the road.

The scenario called for troops to enter the battlefield one-at-time and not necessarily when we wanted them. In order to get on the table the troops had to pass a morale check. The first turn Dar was able to get two infantry units, and I managed to get a Panzer IV into the action.

Dar was able to bring two T-34s to counter my Panzer, and I was able to bring in a Panzerschreck team in a Kuebelwagen. After firing a few pot-shots and missing each other, my Panzerschreck team was able to rush up to the body. The were able to shoot at one T-34 and knock it out. Unfortunately, the other T-34 mowed them down with machine gun fire.

Meanwhile Dar's infantry moved down the left side of the battlefield. Taking cover in the pig pen, they witnessed my Heer infantry and Stug III enter the field.

The remainingg T-34 pounded the Panzer IV with a direct hit. The Panzer died a horrible death as the turret was blown off. Enraged, the Stug fired on the T-34. The T-34 took a superficial hit but failed the morale check. Rolling on the FUBAR table, the crew panicked and headed to the hills.

The Heer infantry took advantage of the chaos to move up to the body. The Stug fired its machine gun on the nearby infantry, mowing down most of the unit.

Unfortunately for the Stug Dar's other infantry charged. The Stug was knocked out, leaving my infantry exposed.

What is left of my infantry is annilated, and the Ruskis get their documents back.