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Some time ago I decided run an RPG but have the combat mechanics based on Dragon Rampant. I wanted to try something new with RPGs;I don't like crunching a numbers in a game, and I don't like it in character creation. I feel that calculating a ton of bonuses, penalties, position on a grid, etc. takes away the fun. There will certainly be numbers and a small amount is great, but it is the quantity that brings the game down for me. Enter Dragon Rampant. It has a quick and smoothline combat system and that stat bars for the same for every type of unit regardless of what the fluff is. A serious RPG'er will note that this cuts out a lot of the customization, and you would be correct. It is a sacrifice, and one I wanted to see the results. Fortunately for me, I found two friends Little and DM to help me out and play test the system. DM plays Barnaby and Little is Oleg. The core rules are almost unchanged, except for shaken units. Instead of rallying, if a character fails their courage check they just move back 1/2 movement and don't take any more penalties. I also reduced some of the health points on enemies in addition to tweaking their stats a bit. Here is how it went:

This game takes place in a world called the Aetherrealm. You can only get there by being asleep and someone summoning you in your dream. Our heroes, Oleg and Barnaby, have been summoned against their will and now find themselves fighting to get out the of Aetherrealm. Our heroes are Oleg, a beefy orc, and Barnaby, a nimble archer. They awoke in the town of Kinbrae after falling asleep in their own worlds, just in time to see it under attack. Being summoned against their will and in peril they have no choice but to attack.

Oleg and Baraby (beside the red die) are trapped behind a pig pen. Two skaven are closing in on them! (Yes, I know the picture is terrible).

Triumphant, Oleg takes a pig for a victory snack.

Afterwards the group head to the Elephant and Castle inn like every good adventurer. Being told that there only way home was to defeat the evil wizard Crix, the heroes trek to his castle. On the way, they come across a party of elves.

Thanks to Barnaby's quick thinking and smooth talking, the elves leave the party in peace.

Searching some ruins, the party comes across a bandit which Barnaby uses as a pin-cushion.

The duo makes it to Crix's castle/house and Oleg now has a cow as a snack. So far, so good....

After defeating an Orge and a few crocodiles the pair enter the house and look around. Coming across a room of sleeping Skaven, they sneak across to the other side to get a key, opening the door to Crix's chamber.

The sleeping skaven with a key to the evil wizard's chamber on the far wall. Barnaby sneaks over and grabs the key without waking any skaven. Meanwhile, from who knows where, Oleg takes a hippo as a snack (wha?)

A close up shot of Barnaby and Oleg.

After a brief discussion and monolouge by Crix, Oleg charges in and kills the wizard with a lucky blow. Baranaby proceeds to take out the Skaven minions converging on the group. Eventually, the enemies are defeated and the heroes go back through the portal to their own worlds.