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This game was played in March between Adam and myself. The goal of the mission was to kill the commanding officer. He had 2 Sherman Crocadiles, a medium anti-tank gun, and some infantry versus my infantry and 2 STuG IIIs. In this set-up pic I have a sniper in a tree.

Another pic of my sniper plus a few units hiding behind him at the bottom of the hill.

A top shot of the board. In this game we were playing an annilation scenario.

In this pic you can see my STuGs in the lower right with the germans fanning out around that table side. His Shermans are on the top, and the finger is pointing at the anti-tank gun.

Same shot, but without the finger.

Adam's Shermans are turning to charge at my germans at the other end of the road. Meanwhile, the STuGs are occupied with the anti-tank gun. The german infantry are patiently waiting for the Amis to get closer...

Same shot, diferent angle.

The Shermans and the infantry are getting closer. The anti-tank gun managed to take out a STuG and damage the other so it couldn't move. The assault guns would be useless the rest of the game.

Shots blasted through the air as the Americans spotted the Germans on the hill.

Driven back by German gunfire, the Shermans take the lead to cover the troops.

The Shermans burnt the German infantry to a crisp, and the commanding officer was cornered. Fighting to the bitter end, he succumbed to overwhelming force and Adam won the game.