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Here is the battlefield from our last game. The scenario was a mining cave, and the searchlight things have exo-suits in them. Except, we never used them. I also got a green soldier on my side. Dar's group is in the upper left and mine are out of the shot on the lower middle. The scenario was a battle to the death, so no morale checks this game. The green tokens are stress, blue pin, and black wound.

Green (the green soldier, cleverly named) decides to prove his courage by charging ahead, hoping to take out Dar's guy behind the tree.

Well, after rolling a six Dar's guy mowed him down. Oh, the arrogance of youth!

Drogen, a necromunda model, tried to help but he was gunned down too. Ugh, this isn't going so well!

A big brawl in the middle! A Mirkwood Elf and one of Dar's men was taken down, and you can see my robot still standing (black battletech model) among with a guy of Dar's. I also have a reaper Kolbold coming into the scuffle.

Sigh, a four and a two on an activation. Two more attempts for Dar to beat on my guys!

So my robot, after shooting himself in the foot, went down next to the kolbold. We were starting to run out of tokens, and were surprised the scuffle lasted as long as it did.

The final round of combat. Dar and I came to the conclusion that both of all of our men were too tired to fight anymore, and we came to truce. This was by far the bloodiest game of Rogue Stars we have ever played. It was great experience for us to get better aquainted with the rules, which are hefty.