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This is our game of Rogue Stars, from above. I was running psionics (again) and Dar was pirates. He rolled and got rescue the hostages plus a winter planet. So he had to rescue one of his guys from me (bottom) and he placed at the other end of the map (top). Another part of this scenario was that we lose a piece of equipment. He took the power armor off of my main guy, which would hurt later in the game.

I was starting to have nightmares of the scenario I played Little a month ago. The rescue scenario was not our favorite.

One of my guys blazed forward (Gandalf in blue from Hobbit, left), but fell down in his moment of glory. Since this was an ice planet we each had to make rolls to stay up if we ran or sprinted. The box/briefcase in the lower corner contains the weapons/equipment for Dar's captured guy. I have a Mirkwood elf on guard duty. You can also see an Imperial Guard figure on the right.

Dar is bringing up some of his guys. They would eventually take cover behind those low walls. You can see one of my guys behind a truck on the top of the image.

Here are a couple droids running around doing nothing. Dar used his Star Wars figures and buildings for his gang and terrain.

One of Dar's guys is outnumbered. Eventually, his guy fell but not with my guys taking some major damage. My Imperial Guard character forgot his power armor which led to his demise. Oops.

Meanwhile, the Gandalf character tried to intercept another one of Dar's guys sneaking around the other way. After some brutal melee, the old man knocked the opponent to the ground.

Remember those guys Dar was moving up and taking cover? Well, while Gandalf was doing his I-Won-Melee happy dance one of them sniped him and took him out.

All in all, the game was good but took a while. I forgot my book at home and this is one game where you'll want multiple copies. With all the tables and charts it can take some time to sift through, and the pages for creating a gang is spread out across the book. We both agreed the scenario wasn't the best either. This mirrored the conclusions that Little and I came to after we played our games.