Miniature painting in the expanse...

Painting in the dark expanse, also know as the time right before dawn. My name is Erich and the only time I have to paint is the early morning before work. It is the singular time of day when I get time to myself to do my own thing. As the father of two small children my time to do anything is limited.

This blog is really just a journal to help me keep track of my epic quest. Yes, I have an epic quest: to paint all my miniatures before buying any more. I have a backlog of minis that are still on sprue and in a sad shade of gray. I have read too many horror stories of painters who have miniatures from decades ago that aren't painted and I don't want to fall into that trap.

Of course, there are some caveats. First, this doesn't apply to pre-paints (I'm looking at you, X-Wing). Secondly, this also doesn't apply to deals-of-a-lifetime. This would be in the realm of "Hey, Erich! Want my 50,000 point 40k army for $5?"

Besides painting, I also hang out with my wargaming buddies and party late into the night playing various minature games. I hope to post some batreps about our misadventures.

I'm looking forward to the journey!